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Limitless Diesel C3 Oiler Kit

Limitless Diesel C3 Oiler Kit


All Transmission and transmission kit sales will be processed through Elevated Ingenuity at Elevatedingenuity.com

C3 the most problematic clutch in the Allison 1000 and wears out by far the fastest. Most of the reason for this is lack of lubrication. After testing other C3 oiling methods on the market in a few of our record holding Allisons we found case drilling and PTO covers showed no evidence of increasing longevity and its due to the simple fact your just putting a small amount of already hot fluid on the bottom of the clutches. The old design snake oiler helped some so we decided to improve on it. Our design C3 oiler is an improvement over the design used years ago which pulled hot mainline oil and sent it to the C3 clutches. Our design pulls cooled oil returning from the transmission cooler to help knock down C3 temps the whole time the truck is running. This is great for street trucks and trucks that see the track a lot as you can idle in the pits to cool C3 and they are being cooled as your getting to stage.

*As of now the oiler requires aftermarket lines to be used but we are the process of making an adapter for the factory lines which we can offer as a combo.

Kit includes everything needed including the drill bit and tap needed for install.